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The Jinro Chamisul Original Soju

jinro soju poster korea 218x300 The Jinro Chamisul Original SojuThe Fastest Selling Spirit in the World

By Matt Goldstein

South Korea is the #2 country in alcohol consumption per capita in the world and the main drink is Soju, specifically Jinro Soju.  With almost 12 billion bottles consumed annually, Soju is Korea’s main alcoholic beverage.  Mainly distilled from rice, Soju can also be made with wheat, potato barley and tapioca.  Comparable to vodka with much less alcohol, Soju is a clear liquor but sweet and drinkable without much burn.  Many Koreans pour 1 shot of soju in every glass of beer, usually a light lager like Cass lager.  As well, the food at many Korean BBQ’s is designed to complement the soju.

Jinro Soju is the #1 selling spirit in the world and the Jinro Chamisul Soju is a record selling and legendary soju, and considered the fastest selling spirit in the world after it was introduced.   Chamisul Soju is the first pure and clean soju filtered four times with charcoals made from bamboo in Korea.  This filtration method eliminates any harmful substances or impurities leaving only the clean and smooth tasting soju.  While Jinro Soju is smooth, light and very drinkable, the Jinro Chamisul Original Soju is smooth, crisp, flavorful and complex.   We recommend Chamisul Soju to be sipped straight and sip back and forth between a lager, rather than mixing the two, but both are must try.  Koreans love to drink and soju is just what they do.  According to my main man Joon Lee, when an actor or actress makes it onto a Jinro Soju poster, they’ve reached super stardom.  I don’t know who the girl is in this poster bu she’s a super star in my eyes.

ALC. 20.1% BY VOL




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3 comments to The Jinro Chamisul Original Soju

  • Mark

    I have been introducing NewZealanders to Jinro Soju mostly in 2008, and a little bit ever since then. It was a very good year. I love Jinro Soju, it mixes with anything, so if you like lemonade, mix it with lemonade, if you like fruit juice mix it with fruit juice. It mixes with anything carbonated. I might go get some now!


    WGM Reply:

    I completely agree Mark. The Jinro Chamisul is slammin. I like it straight, but yeah, you can make all kinds of cocktails with it.


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