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Jinro Soju: The World’s Best Selling Spirit!

jinro soju poster korea 218x300 Jinro Soju: The World’s Best Selling Spirit!Jinro Chamisul Soju: A Sweet and Smooth Clear Spirit Since 1925 

By Matt Goldstein & Joon Lee

South Korea is the #2 country in alcohol consumption per capita in the world!  South Koreans love to drink and their main drink is Soju, specifically Jinro Soju.  With almost 12 billion bottles consumed annually, Soju is Korea’s main alcoholic beverage.  Mainly distilled from rice, Soju can also be made with wheat, potato barley and tapioca.  Comparable to vodka with much less alcohol, Soju is a clear liquor but sweet and drinkable without much burn.    

Launched in 1924, Jinro Soju is now the worlds #1 selling spirit, outselling other leading brands like Stolichnaya, Bacardi and Johnny Walker.  Jinro is not only #1 in the South Korean market, but has Jinro has changed the face of Asian drinking culture. 


jinro pic 270x300 Jinro Soju: The World’s Best Selling Spirit!Made from 60% grain, 20% sweet potato, 20% tapioca, (50% rice and 50% barley), Chamisul Soju by Jinro has a thin crisp vodka scent and a taste of a sweet watered down vodka.  With an all around sweet sugar flavor, Jinro is very smooth with no bite.  Jinro Soju is very drinkable with a slight burn and warmth.  That’s the reason it sells so much.  Jinro is a sweet and smooth watered down vodka that is very drinkable for the average drinkable.  Lacking any serious bite, this spirit has mass appeal.  Also, many in South Korea and throughout the world mix Soju into their beer to give the Asian style light lager/pilsner a bit of a kick.        




How Jinro Soju is Made:

Highest Quality Ingredients
Over the past 80 years, Jinro has developed and maintained relationships with Korea’s finest producers of Barley and Spring water(natural resources), ensuring a product of unparalleled quality and taste.Using the Gift of Nature
Jinro soju is natural bamboo charcoal Alkali Soju that is made from 3 year old bamboo of Mt. Jiri and Southern Coast of Korea. This bamboo is made into charcoal by continuous roasting at 1000C for 12 hours and natural cooling for another 12 hours. This charcoal is used to purify both alcohol and water which are the fundamental element of Soju. The alcohol and water is purified through the bamboo charcoal 4 times eliminating all the harmful element of alcohol and impurities while adding the rich essential mineral components such as Kalium. Jinro soju is the result of incorporating nature’s gift with Jinro’s undying devotion to produce high quality Soju.
Exclusive Cutting-Edge Technology
BCA (Bamboo Charcoal Agitation) method uses parasitic action, which is a process of generating water swirl under appropriate temperature and specific hydraulic pressure, thereby widening the contact surface between water and natural bamboo charcoal. This process enables efficient extraction of essential minerals such as Kalium Ion that is abundant within the natural bamboo charcoal.Marrying Method
Marrying method is an adaptation process used to manufacture high quality whisky. It is a method of applying continuous micro-action to all components of Soju that has gone through the BCA and natural bamboo charcoal purification process. This method creates much more stabilized and homogenized molecular structure of Soju components resulting in pure and clean flavor without any undesired after-taste.





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