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The Top 5 Soju’s: Jinro & Chamisul Run the Show!


jinro pic 270x300 The Top 5 Soju’s: Jinro & Chamisul Run the Show! Korea’s Main Alcoholic Beverage!

By Joon Lee & Matt Goldstein

With more than 3 billion bottles consumed annually, Soju is Korea’s main alcoholic beverage.  Soju is very comparable to vodka but much sweeter because of the sugar additives.  Mainly distilled from rice, Soju can also be made with wheat, potato barley and tapioca.  High in alcohol content but cheap in price and very drinkable, Soju dates back to the 13th century.  Most Soju’s in the U.S. have less alcohol content than those in Korea.  In Korea, Soju averages around 35% ABV, but in America is reduced to about 20%. 


1. Jinro —  Sells more than 75 million cases per year…

2. Chamisul  —  Quadruple filtered and produced by Jinro. 

3. Cheoeumcheoreom – The world’s first alkalized Soju. 

4. J – Also produced by Jinro. 

5. Ipsae



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