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Ty Ku Soju: A Japanese Style Soju Spirit

Ty Ku Soju 11 279x300 Ty Ku Soju: A Japanese Style Soju SpiritA Korean Style Vodka with Half the Alcohol

By Matt Goldstein

One of the largest selling spirits in the world, Korean soju, is now being made all over Japan by numerous distillers. TyKu, a premium sake brand has branched out into multiple spirits and their soju is available on American shelves. In Korea, most drink Chamisul by Jinro, and Korean BBQ is designed to match the spices of the food with the soju. Mixing the soju with Korean beer is also part of the culture, about a shot of soju dropped into a full beer. About half the alcohol as vodka but made with a grain base like most vodka’s, soju also has half the calories. Ty Ku boasts that their soju is half the calories and twice the taste of vodka but the tastes are very different as soju is a mellow, sweet flavor completely different from vodka.

Soju also known as Shochu in Japan is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. Tyku soju Its superiority made in small batches and cold filtration. TY KU Soju is crafted from the all natural ingredients with no additives, no preservatives and no sweeteners.

The Ty Ku Soju Tasting Notes:

Served neat at room temperature, the Ty Ku Soju is sweet, soft and very smooth. Slightly complex the Ty Ku Soju is good but not great but it does get better as you sip. We like the Ty Ku but recommend the Chamisul at less than half the price. The Chamisul is much more complex and less than half the price.

BARLEY – The highest quality in the world, handpicked in Oita, Japan.

SPRING WATER – Naturally filtered by the cedar forests of the Kyushu Mountains.

KOJI – Handmade white koji evokes and enhances flavor and aroma.

*68 calories, 0 carbs, 0 pro, 0 fat per 1.5 oz as tested by Warren Analytical Laboratories. TY KU Soju, 24% alc/vol (48 proof). Produced in Japan. Imported & bottled by TY KU Soju, Rochester, NY.




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3 comments to Ty Ku Soju: A Japanese Style Soju Spirit

  • Ladiva823

    I actually tasted TyKu Soju. I really didnt have any taste to it
    except a bitter sweetness. Kind of scared me because I expected it to be nasty ( TOO MANY K-DRAMA SOJU SCENES) lol. But it was really smooth.
    And i heard you shouldnt mix soju with anthing becasue its nasty that way. but i mixed it with several different beverages. Even made a cocktail:
    club soda
    Jamaica me crazy(Cooler)
    Red bull

    Drank it all night; woke up late but no hangover


  • Rev Rae

    I had hoped to find a review of the Ty Ku soju here and of course I was not disappointed. I an also happy to see that the taste test proved good… with side notes that it gets better as you sip. Sounds like it might be a good introduction to soju for me. Thanks for the write up.


    WGM Reply:

    I would actually start with the Chamisul. It’s less expensive and in my opinion, better.


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