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The Travel Channels New Hit: Anthony Bourdain’s the Layover

Travel Channel Anthony Bourdain the Layover The Travel Channels New Hit: Anthony Bourdain’s the LayoverShockingly a bit different from No Reservations

By Matt Goldstein

As big fans of No Reservations, when we first heard about Anthony Bourdain’s new show the Layover, we were pretty excited.  As everyone seems to becoming a “foodie” these days with sheik restaurants popping up everywhere, reality cooking shows on 24/7 and even chain restaurants trying to get cute with craft beer and aoli instead of mayo, the ratings for No Reservations are exploding.  What’s not to love about Anthony Bourdain?  He’s a total dick whenever he wants to be and we think that’s flipping awesome.  (Also, his favorite show is the Wire.)  Of course Bourdain has a new show, he’s a travel channel money bag.  The Layover’s concept is Anthony Bourdain doing up a town on limited time, during the layover as he is waiting for his plane to take off to another destination.

Sounds great right?  However, when reality began to set in we thought we, “wow, that’s the same exact show as No Reservations, just quicker or something…”  Thankfully, we were completely wrong.  Not only does the Layover have a completely different feel, it’s a completely different show.  On No Reservations, Bourdain chooses a few spots in a given city and lets the pro chefs takeover.  In the Layover, Bourdain visits as many spots as possible and lets the locals do all the talking.  But the Layover is not just about food and cocktails, the Layover is about the travel and the locals it features give the viewers great details on getting around the city and avoiding the ever dreaded tourist traps.  From deep fried to slow cooked, cocktails, session beers and dive bars, the Layover covers about 10 times the locations as No Reservations from restaurants to attractions and local city unwritten travel rules.  Still having the great Anthony Bourdain personality to drive the show, Layover is a more effective travel show than a food show but nails both in solid fashion.  We’re definitely watching this show again and again.




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