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The Whiskey Goldmine is Back!

Logo WG 400 trans 300x294 The Whiskey Goldmine is Back!Sorry for the Brief Hiatus as we’ve been a little drunk (with Power)

By Matt Goldstein

We would like to take this time out to apologize to our fans for our brief hiatus as we have been very drunk as of late.  So drunk that it’s been difficult to write let alone think about the alcohol we’ve been consuming.  The staggering rate of our debauchery has been exhausting to say the least so we needed some time to get over this long hangover, but we are back with a vengeance.  Philly Beer Week and the Belmont Stakes are upon us and we have whiskey to praise, casinos to shit on and top 10 beer lists for wannabe beer geeks.  Let’s get this party started and if you’re another drinking foodie blog, either get down or lay down.




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