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Introducing a Taste of Italy 2 and Chef Joe Bompartito

a taste of italy joe salad 199x300 Introducing a Taste of Italy 2 and Chef Joe Bompartito

Our Chef, Joe Bompartito

 ‘Authentic’ Italian cuisine encompasses just about everything you could ever want from food, and ‘A Taste of Italy 2′ in Springhouse PA cannot be more authentic.  Needless to say, there are many Italian restaurants and food establishments all over, but just a small percentage of them offer the real Italian cuisine.  A Taste of Italy 2 located on rt. 422 makes sandwiches with rolls brought in from N.Y. every morning!  Imported Parma proscuitto along with Boars Head meats go on all the sandwiches.  Imported sharp provolone and other exotic cheeses are available as well. 

 Prepared foods are made fresh everyday. A combination of pasta, grilled vegetables, marinated meats, exotic olive oils and vinegars are used to compose authentic Italian bistro salads.  Owner and gourmet chef Joe Bompartito of Rockland County, N.Y., has created an island of food salvation in a sea of mediocrity. The store opened in 2007 and has recently added an Italian coffee bar with pastries and cookies from Brooklyn. An iced coffee with a cannoli, or a Brooklyn bagel, is a perfect Summer treat.

 Fresh baked breads are brought to the store each day from Brooklyn, N.Y. If you don’t have great bread, you’re not going to have a great meal.  The PIZZA is outstanding here. Look, arguing about who has the best pizza is ridiculous. All that can be said is, Joe’s recipe is a smack down on the pizza market.  Catering is available for all occasions. How about a six foot hoagie on a seeded Italian roll for your next sporting event or get together?  And don’t forget about the original Taste of Italy in Springhouse PA.  Nothing comes close to these two Italian markets.




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