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12 Great Grilling Tips for the Summer BBQ

charcoal grilling life 123 300x199 12 Great Grilling Tips for the Summer BBQThe Best Grilling Tips: Grill like a Master Chef Anytime you Fire Up the Gas or Charcoal

By Larry Kay, Tim Rodgers & Matt Goldstein

Do you want to be the master of the grill and the summer BBQ?  Here are some great techniques to crush the competition when having friends and family over for a cook out.  From burgers, dogs, steak and fish, you’re gonna knockout the flavor haters with the ill BBQ performance.  Grill right, grill with confidence, and grill the best food in the neighborhood with techniques from the masters. 


grilling porkchop food network 300x225 12 Great Grilling Tips for the Summer BBQ1.  Keep it Hot, keep it Clean, Keep it Oiled!

As grilling guru Steven Raichlen always says, ‘keep it hot, keep it clean, keep it oiled.’  This means always start with a hot fire and let your grilling surface heat up; make sure that surface is clean before you use it (i.e., use a grill brush to scrape any residue from previous grilling off); and, oil your grilling surface before you put food down.  Just take a paper towel or a clean dishrag, dunk it in vegetable oil and, using your tongs to hold it (You do have tongs, don’t you?  Good.)  brush the grate surface so it has a thin coating of oil.


2.  For a Thick Slice of Meat, Close the Lid

If it’s thicker than you palm, close the lid. Thick cuts of meat, poultry on the bone and even thick fish will benefit greatly from being surrounded by heat rather than just have it below.  Also, it speeds up cooking and helps things cook more evenly.  Conversely, if you can see through it (thin fish, veggies, etc…) keep the lid it open.  Not only can you monitor the food more accurately, the food won’t get soggy or mushy. Veggies have water content, and the steam they release will be trapped if the lid is on; steam= soggy= yuck.


Ribs on Grill  12 Great Grilling Tips for the Summer BBQ3.  Marinate Before, During & After

Marinate or season before grilling, during and, after. This doesn’t men you have to have a heavy hand, but a some marinades and seasoning lose their intensity and flavor as the food is cooked so it’s a good idea to just hit  ‘em with a quick brush or shake midway through and (with dry spices) after it’s off the grill. If you’re using a wet marinade, set some aside before you marinate your food and use that for basting and finishing, that way there’s almost no risk of cross-contamination from using a liquid raw meat or poultry has been sitting in.


4.  Let if Rest Before Eating

Let it rest.  Well, not all of it, but larger cuts of beef and poultry (like a turkey breast or whole chicken) will benefit greatly from sitting for up to 10 or 15 minutes before you cut them up. In this case, patience is virtue.

garfield bbq grill 233x300 12 Great Grilling Tips for the Summer BBQ5.  Slow Cooking is Best for Cuts of Meat with Bone such as Ribs or T-bone Steak. 


6.  Indirect Grilling is Best for Slow Cooking

Indirect grilling is when you don’t put the food directly over the flame and or charcoals. 


7.  Always go Bone In on a Steak or Pork Chop. 

It’s official Whiskey Goldmine policy to go bone in.  Just do it and shut up.  


8.  Flip the Meat Only Once

For meat to be evenly cooked, one will want to only flip the meat once.  This technique may take time to learn but it pays off. 


9.  Let the Lighter Fluid Burn Off the Charcoal for about 20 Minutes

You don’t want your food to taste like lighter fluid, so make sure you let the charcoals burn for about 20-25 minutes before you start cooking. If you want to do charcoal, make sure you have the time. 


10.  Cast Iron Grate not Porcelain

Porcelain doesn’t get hot enough so you would be cooking more with the direct flame than the grate.  You want the flame and the grate both working to cook the food, especially for a more even and well rounded grilling.     


11.  Always use the Tongs, Never Poke

Always use the tongs, never poke with the grill fork, “you will release the juice.”   


12.  Medium Rare!

Be a man and cook the meat medium rare.  Well done beef and chicken a joke and taste like crap.  Be a man and cook the food correctly.  Do you want your food to taste good or taste like chalk? 




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8 comments to 12 Great Grilling Tips for the Summer BBQ

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  • Gourmonster

    All right, Matt. Let’s clear a few things up… First of all, nowhere in what I wrote did I say or reference not eating red meat. Secondly, if I recall correctly, I was chowing down on skirt STEAK fajitas when we were grilling at your house. And, finally, when I wrote close the cover on thick cuts of meat I was referring to STEAKS, RIBS, etc.. be they from cow, bison or buffalo. I may not eat them as much as most people but don’t go throwing me under the vegetarian bus (besides it probably runs on something recycled and smells like, well… something recycled).
    Remember kids… you kill it, you cook it!


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Let’s be real here. There is only one red meat that matters and that’s a big fat beautiful cow. Cheeseburgers, T-bones and filet. Be a real man and eat a cheeseburger. #vegetarianbus



    Nothing like high heat, cold beer and bone in pork chops and steaks.. Great article—


  • Tizzle

    Your goal is to flip your cuts only once to achieve professional looking grill marks


  • Susan

    Men who know how to grill. Wonderful!!


  • Matt Goldstein

    Medium Rare! Always…

    Hey Larry, what’s with the “no red meat” thing? I thought you were a real man.


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