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Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar: Philadelphia’s Best New Restaurant

barbuzo 210x300 Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar: Philadelphia’s Best New RestaurantPhenomenal Desserts and Drink Menu Compliments Brilliantly 

By Matt Goldstein  and Sommelier Tom Pittakas

Recommended by our sommelier, Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar proved to be one of Philadelphia’s best new restaurants.  Priced fairly, the ambiance, style, and romantic atmosphere make for a perfect date night, but the cuisine makes for a downtown restaurant that can battle any of the best kitchens in the city.  Moreover, the drink menu and desserts are distinctively outstanding.        

The Cuisine

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta w/ Fresh Figs:  Excellent!  The fig and the ricotta are perfectly matched.   

Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Mousse:  Very Good

Magherita Pizza:  Good

egg pizza 207x300 Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar: Philadelphia’s Best New RestaurantLardo White Pizza with Mushrooms and Egg:  Amazing!  It sounds crazy to put an egg on a pizza but it’s on of the best plates and best pizza’s we’ve ever had period.  Whoever created this pizza recipe is a freakin’ genius!  It’s a shame they already handed out this years Nobel Peace Prize.

Pan Seared Gnocchi:  Good

Caciocavallo Stuffed Meatballs:  Very Good!  These meatballs really grow on you.  Their very unique with a lot of flavor and the sauce compliments well.     

Wood Roasted Sardines Portuguesa:  Good. 

Grilled Mediterranean Octopus:  Very Good.  There’s perhaps a little too much flavor in the sauce, as we’d like the Octopus to make the statement, but it’s still very good nonetheless.   

Salted Caramel Budino w/ Dark Chocolate Crust:  Unreal!  This is one of the best desserts that can possibly be imaged.  We were using our fingers to scrape every ounce of this insanity out of the glass bowl.  We were seriously licking our fingers.  True story.     

budino 224x300 Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar: Philadelphia’s Best New RestaurantThe Drinks 

Gin & Sin:  The Hendrick’s Gin cucumber martini w/ fresh oregano is exceptional, complex and refreshing.  We will most likely be ordering fresh oregano with every cucumber gin martini we order.   

Sanguinello:  Vodka, Blood Orange Puree, Chambord, Lime; very good w/o the simple syrup. 

Maredsous 10:  A very light and refreshing Belgian dubbel. 

Sangria Roja:  Very good, subtle for a sangria which is ideal.   

Monastrell-Tempranillo Red Wine, Spain 2007:  Interesting and unique body, a little dry but spicy fruit notes.  


Barbuzzo Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar is located at 110 S. 13th St. in Philadephia.

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