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Stephen Starr’s Barclay Prime Sets Standard for Competition

Barclay Prime Stephen Starr’s Barclay Prime Sets Standard for CompetitionBarclay Prime’s Filet Mignon a Magnum Opus of the Luxury Steakhouse

By Matt Goldstein

Over the past year we’ve dined at many upscale steakhouses around the country and Philadelphia including Union Trust, S&W Steakhouse at the Wynn in Vegas, Smith & Wollensky’s, the Palm twice, Don Shula’s twice, Capital Grille twice, Morton’s, Ruth Chris and so on.  We’ve had our share of filet mignon by the so called best and some of them fail to even prepare the steak correctly, let alone not be completely obnoxious when asking for $50 for the filet.  The waiter at the S&W Steakhouse claimed they were the best steaks in the country.  WOW!  It’s difficult to claim something is the best in any given city but self proclaiming the best in country is outrageous, especially when subpar to everyday chains.  However, the Barclay Prime 12 Ounce Filet Mignon sets a standard that the industry simply can’t touch.  When we ordered the filet medium rare at Smith & Wollensky and the S&W Steakhouse, not only did the filet not come out medium rare, it came out more cooked than medium.  Still a good steak I guess but when you drop $50 for a piece of meat, one should expect it to be correct.

When we set our eyes on the 12 ounce filet at Stephen Starr’s Barclay Prime in the historic Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia, we could almost tell it was the perfect steak.  Perhaps the Balvenie overtly flowing allowed our optimism to takeover, or perhaps the pan seared outside of the filet was one of the most beautiful steaks we have ever seen.  When we cut into this massive filet mignon, the perfect medium rare inside was a very wide pink, almost to the edge, leaving a gray and dark crust.  This was medium rare at its finest.  Not only did it look perfect, when we tasted the filet, the center of the was cut was cool to the touch.  A real mans steak.  Perfectly cooked just enough to be legal, but not done to where any of the flavor is lost.  None of the restaurants listed above can even touch this style.  Barclay Prime is crushing the upscale steakhouse competition period.  The sliders alone deserve their own article.  If we were to rank the steakhouses it would be as follows:

1. Barclay Prime

2. Union Trust

3. The Palm

4. Capital Grill

5. Morton’s

6. S&W Steakhouse

7. Shula’s

8. Smith & Wollensky

9. Ruth Chris




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