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The Earth Bread and Brewery: Great Thin Crust Pizza but Suspect Service

Earth Bread Brewery 196x300 The Earth Bread and Brewery: Great Thin Crust Pizza but Suspect ServiceBeer or Lack of Beer Just OK…

By Matt Goldstein & Carolynn Chapman

We’ve heard great things about the Mt. Airy Philadelphia’s Earth, Bread and Brewery and the brick oven thin crust pizza didn’t disappoint, but the service left us without drinks and kind of annoyed.  The couple of house brewed beers that we tried were ok, but not as good as we expected.  The other house beers might be great, but we have no idea how good they are because the waitress left us there without a drink for more than 10 minutes before the food was brought out, and then another 10 minutes after we were done eating.  For the record, it was a weeknight and the place was half empty.  This is just bad service!  It’s also bad business as they lost out on guaranteed beer sales.  Perhaps the waitress didn’t care, or maybe the two different food runners didn’t communicate the fact that we were without beers.  Whatever though, it’s not like we go to breweries for the beer.

When you first walk in, there’s a great aroma which is most likely from the hand built wood fired igloo shaped brick oven.  We were seated in the lower level dining area and the table was literally a tree trunk; all part of the pleasant atmosphere at The Earth, Bread and Brewery.    

The House Salad

The House Salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries, green apple slices, candied pecans and onions  with Apple Vinaigrette:  Fabulous!  The goat cheese is outstanding.  Rating: B+

earth bread brewery front 300x201 The Earth Bread and Brewery: Great Thin Crust Pizza but Suspect ServiceThe Gatherer Flatbread Pizza

The Gatherer with garlic oil, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella with a pesto finish.  This is a great pizza!  The thin crust is one of a kind and simply outstanding.  With the pepper slices so large, we would not have thought chunks of sweet peppers this big would have worked on a pizza but it seemed to compliment very well.  The crust did get a little soggy towards the end but might have gotten watery from tomato chunks.  It happens.  Rating:  B+

The Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza

The Mediterranean with tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, olives, spinach and feta cheese.  Again, this is a great pizza.  The thin crust at the Earth, Bread and Brewery is simply outstanding.  Its crust is very unique, flavorful and crunchy.  For olive lovers, the kalamata olives and feta cheese are perfect for the thin crust.   Rating: B+

The Winterfest Marzen Lager

A marzen style very similar to and Oktoberfest, they might even be the same exact thing.  This was a good lager.  The Winterfest Marzen had a hoppy, dry scent and was dry with a good bite.  This was pretty hoppy for a marzen.   6.2% ABV.   Rating: B 

Pret a Porter 

With a thin scent, this light porter had a light bite and tasty finish but was a bit watery and you could see through the beer, that’s a bit strange for a porter.  5.4% ABV.   Rating: C

Spiropoulos Meliasto 2008 Rose 

Terrible.  There was absolutely no flavor in this glass of wine but that’s what you get when you order a glass of rose.   Rating: D

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