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Jersey Shore Breakfast Spots to Avoid: Ozzie’s in Longport

Ozzies Luncheonette Longport NJ 223x300 Jersey Shore Breakfast Spots to Avoid: Ozzie’s in LongportA Flat Out Disgrace to Diner Style Breakfast

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

It’s impossible to mess up breakfast food right?  Wrong!  Ozzie’s Luncheonette in Longport seems to be professional at doing just that.  It’s hard to understate this particular point but this was simply the worst breakfast we’ve ever had at any diner / breakfast restaurant period.  The eggs were disgustingly bad, dry and flavorless and the home fries were dry and old and seemed to have been sitting around for days.  This was a Saturday morning mind you, at 10 am.  This is prime time for any breakfast spot and there were 20 people in the restaurant of course.  Yes, it’s off season but still a Saturday none the less.  This is a time when Ozzie’s should be coming with their best, and we hope for the future customers that this wasn’t it.

The French toast was ok, as well as the pancakes, edible I guess, but nothing more than average.  The slices of orange and grapefruit on the side of the plate were a nice touch and the coffee was darker than most which we like, but this breakfast was completely unacceptable.  Simply put, this was the worst eggs and hash browns we’ve ever had period.  Do not waste your time with Ozzie’s in Longport NJ, it’s cheaper to go to CVS and just get a laxative and it doesn’t taste as bad.  We are baffled by the good reviews on Yelp, it simply makes zero sense.  The only restaurant reviews you should be listening to are us and Craig Laban, clearly the experts in the field.

There are too many good breakfast spots in Margate to even waste your time.




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1 comment to Jersey Shore Breakfast Spots to Avoid: Ozzie’s in Longport

  • Steve Hagan

    Hasnt changed much since this article was published. I remember the Original Ozzie and how the food there was spectacular.


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