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Philly Bars to Avoid: Mt. Airy’s McMenamin’s Tavern

philadelphia skyline Philly Bars to Avoid: Mt. Airy’s McMenamin’s TavernAn O.G. Craft Beer Bar: How the Mighty Have Fallen

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

We’d like to apologize to McMenamin’s for dining at their establishment.  For some reason they seemed to be annoyed that we stopped by and decided to give them our hard earned money for a week night dinner.  We’re sorry, that’s our fault.  Don’t worry though because we won’t be stopping by again.  To be fair, this used to be one of our favorite places but if we’re going out in Mt Airy, you’ll see us down the block at the Wine Thief.  Maybe our readers should do the same since it doesn’t seem like McMenamin’s even likes their customers.  The host was rude, annoyed and gave us looks that seemed as he didn’t want us to be there.  The bartenders, although busy, forgot multiple drink orders and also seemed annoyed that we were there.  That’s OK though, because we saved money when they forgot our orders and were saved from enduring more average food and drink.

Any who, on to the food and beer:  The cheeseburger at McMenamin’s was pedestrian to say the least.  To be fare, we’ve been perusing the entire city of Philadelphia looking for the best burgers so the competition is steep.  It’s safe to say that the burger at McMenamin’s does not stack up.  When we ordered a medium rare burger, it came out well done.  Not the most horrible mistake but still, the burger was dry, flavorless and just plain below average.  Avoid the burger.

The cheese plate was also just pedestrian.  Not well matched and not really appealing to the eye, the cheese plate looked and tasted awkward and cheap.  It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t good.  The fries are nothing to write home about either, just about below average.  To be fair, we’ve had the wings at McMenamin’s before and their pretty good, but everything else falls short, including their beers on tap.

McMenamin’s is one of the original craft beer bars in Philly, doing craft beers for years and years before the recent wave of fanaticism.  Now, this is a better tap list than most bars, but for a craft beer bar it’s falling behind the times.  Lacking variety and expertise, the PJ Whelihan’s chain seems to be more educated in craft beer selection.  The bottle list is a safe go to, but not extensive.  We did enjoy the Samuel Smith India Ale, a spicy and malty pale ale perfect for spicy Indian dishes.

Oh right, don’t order a cocktail either because apparently that’s annoying too.  If a restaurant does not want to make a drink or is not good at making certain foods, they should take it off the menu.  What else is there to say?  McMenamin’s has a culture of bad service and a staff that doesn’t seem to care.  It should be replaced immediately.




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5 comments to Philly Bars to Avoid: Mt. Airy’s McMenamin’s Tavern

  • Ron John

    I know this review is 5 years old but I just came across it. Horribly written. Feels like a college newspaper write-up. Do you guys even have an editor? <3 Ron John


  • Jasmine Cougar

    I consider the addition of Aged Glam Band to the menu at Tom’s an important milestone in the development of this influential establishment. Aged Glam Band is a rare and underappreciated delicacy.


  • RLamar

    Should have ate at Tom’s the Aged Glam Band ambience is outstanding.


    WGM Reply:

    “This song is so scary that is it moves in next door it will kill your grass.”


  • Matt Goldstein

    Test test..


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