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Tony Luke’s: Ruining a Classic Philadelphia Name

TonyLukesLogo 300x155 Tony Luke’s: Ruining a Classic Philadelphia NameTony Luke’s New Locations Falling Way Short of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Standard. 

By Matt Goldstein & Joon Lee

The infamous Philadelphia cheesesteak and pulled pork sandwich spot in South Philly has been branching out to other locations.  Unfortunately these new locations are falling way short of what can be considered the gold standard of Philadelphian sandwiches.  Tony Luke’s has one of the best Philly cheesesteaks period, not to mention the pulled pork with broccoli rabe or the chicken cutlet.  You can’t go wrong with getting a sandwich at the original Oregon Avenue location.  However, we tried the new Tony Luke’s in Atlantic City at the Borgata.  Ugh. 

tony luke with big cheesesteak 172x300 Tony Luke’s: Ruining a Classic Philadelphia NameFirst, the cheesesteak was overpriced at $9.75 and then actually undersized.  Of course, everything costs more in a casino but it was really only 2/3’s of a cheesesteak for more money.   This is a big downgrade from the original.  Also, there was barely any cheese on the sandwich.  Perhaps they are trying to save money or perhaps there was just bad service that day.  Either way,  this would never happen on Oregon Avenue.   The cheese and steak didn’t taste that bad, it was actually solid, but the roll was severely sub-par.  We can’t stress this enough.  There is no way they serve these rolls at the original Tony Luke’s locations.  Now, perhaps they can’t get the same exact roll they use in Philadelphia, but they can certainly get something comparable, or at least not completely horrible.  There are also tons of deli’s and sandwich shops that get their rolls delivered from far and wide on a daily basis as to not degrade their quality.  We feel that Tony Luke’s is one of these sandwich shops that should be holding itself to this standard.  Afterall, Tony Luke’s is a legendary name in Philadelphia.  Any degration in the quality of Tony Luke’s hurts more than just the Tony Luke name.  Other than the original location, we will never be eating at any other Tony Luke locations ever again.  Believe it.         




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