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The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City

erin go bragh The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York CitySt Patty’s Day Feature: The Best Irish Bars in New York

By Justine Seligman, Tim Rodgers, Chef Heather Cunningham, Matt Goldstein and Lead Writer Kevin Hussey

How many websites have reviews on everything but the Irish pub itself?  For those who review an Irish pub based on decorum and fu – fu drinks then please stay away from an Irish pub, and stay away from this top ten list because you’re a wussy green beer rookie!  If you’re looking to have pure unabashed fun, have a few pints and crave that old world appeal then this is the list for you.  We’ve got an eclectic mix that will satisfy any Irish pub fans need. Slàinte!


mcsorleys old ale house randy aveille 300x200 The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City1. McSorely’s Old Ale House:

(7th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenue)

The sign in the window says it all, “We were here before you were born!”  Established in 1854, this watering hole has to be visited by any self respecting Irish pub fan.



2.  Molly’s:

(3rd avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street)

With its dimly lit setting, fireplace, and sawdust floors you’d swear you were in old world Ireland. Best Guinness pour you’ll get from any pub.


desmonds tavern 300x175 The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City3.  Desmond’s Tavern:

(Park avenue between 29th and 30th street)

 Nothing pretentious about this place, you won’t find a better price for drinks in a midtown Manhattan bar, and all the Irish bartenders bring that authentic feel to the bar especially Tony and Brian! If you’re interested in some food with your pint, they’ve got the best Corned beef and Cabbage!


4.  Rocky Sullivan’s:

(34 Van Dyke street, Brooklyn)

Make sure when you go that your loyalty is with the Celtics and NOT the Rangers. You’ll thank us for it later.


dublin house new york 215x300 The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City5.  Dublin House:

(79th and Broadway)


6.  George Keeley:

(83rd and Amsterdam)

When you’re looking to venture out from the standard beer selections, go to this Irish pub which boasts a vast craft beer selection.



7.  Malachys:

(72nd and Columbus)

Cheap beer and an unapologetic watering hole which doesn’t change with its gentrified surroundings; a true pub to enjoy!


stout nyc The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City8.  Stout NYC

(33rd street between 6th and 7th avenue)

This 3 floor establishment is huge! However, it manages to retain it’s charm with it’s brick walls and cobblestone floor that make you feel as though you’ve been transported to the Guinness factory in Ireland. This Irish bar boasts a variety of stouts for the discerning Irish pub fan, and If you’re not into stouts their list of beers are sure to satisfy any taste bud. Free stout tastings every Wednesday night.


9.  Rattle and Hum

(14 East 33rd Street)


10.  Gordon Bennet

109 S. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY


11.  O’donaghue’s

(66 Main St. Nyack NY)

This Irish pub has been in the same spot for 100 years!  Very authentic Irish pub.


12. The Long Room

(44th street between Broadway and 6th avenue)

Taking its cue from the long room in Dublin’s Trinity College, this bar has a great atmosphere which is sure to please any Irish pub fan.




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7 comments to The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City

  • Reginald

    I am shocked that the long room even made the list….the staff are so rude, we walked out after they served a group of drunk minors…asked for the manager but he said there was not one? What a nightmare…BEWARE!


    The Matty G. Reply:

    Sorry to hear Reginald. That line about the manager is a straight crock of shit.


  • rc

    DESMONDS!!! any further information about the great times maybe incriminating – I plead the fifth.


  • chap71

    try not breaking things at the hotel after Desmond’s this time!


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Whoever’s giving you your information is taking you for a long ride man.


  • Kevin

    Tullamore shots in the middle of nyc is the way to roll! They’ve totally renovated the place too Matt. We’ll have to do it up again for a more *in depth* review on their spirits!


  • Matt Goldstein

    There’s nothing better than doing shots of Tullamore Dew at Desmonds!


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