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The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City

St Patty’s Day Feature: The Best Irish Bars in New York

By Justine Seligman, Tim Rodgers, Chef Heather Cunningham, Matt Goldstein and Lead Writer Kevin Hussey

How many websites have reviews on everything but the Irish pub itself? For those who review an Irish pub based on decorum and fu – fu drinks then please . . . → Read More: The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City

The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City

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7 comments to The Top 10 Irish Pubs in New York City

  • Reginald

    I am shocked that the long room even made the list….the staff are so rude, we walked out after they served a group of drunk minors…asked for the manager but he said there was not one? What a nightmare…BEWARE!


    The Matty G. Reply:

    Sorry to hear Reginald. That line about the manager is a straight crock of shit.


  • rc

    DESMONDS!!! any further information about the great times maybe incriminating – I plead the fifth.


  • chap71

    try not breaking things at the hotel after Desmond’s this time!


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Whoever’s giving you your information is taking you for a long ride man.


  • Kevin

    Tullamore shots in the middle of nyc is the way to roll! They’ve totally renovated the place too Matt. We’ll have to do it up again for a more *in depth* review on their spirits!


  • Matt Goldstein

    There’s nothing better than doing shots of Tullamore Dew at Desmonds!


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