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The Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly: Baker St vs. Corropolese

baker st bread company store front pic 300x200 The Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly: Baker St vs. Corropolese  Philadelphia: Maybe the Best Tomato Pie City in the Country

By Matt Goldstein

For those not familiar with the tomato pie, it’s a classic Philadelphia delicacy and usually served square, cold and with no cheese.  When done correctly, it’s one of the best pizzas you can have.  With Baker St., Corropolese and Sarcone’s, one would be hard pressed to find a better city for tomato pie.  Check out our Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly and let us know how it stacks up to the best. 

baker st bread company spinach ricotta pizza 300x225 The Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly: Baker St vs. Corropolese  1. Baker St. Bread Company

The Baker St. tomato sauce is made with oregano, shredded parmesan, fresh roasted garlic, a little sugar to kill the bitterness & acidity, with a light Focaccia dough crust, airy but crisp on the edges.  Made with all natural ingredients, the sauce is not too much but just enough; it’s perfectly balanced.  Many people in the Philly area rave about Corropolese Bakery being the best, but in all honesty it’s not even close.  Baker St. crushes!  Baker St also has an amazing spinach & ricotta pie which is just as good as the tomato pie.  Baker St. Bread Company is located on Germantown Ave. in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia.           

tomato pie The Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly: Baker St vs. Corropolese  2.  Sarcone’s Deli

Sarcone’s is a san marzano tomato pie with chunks of plum tomato marinated in garlic, olive oil and other spices.  On top of a thick crusted Sicilian crust is hands down one of the best we’ve ever had.  It’s a close 2nd to Baker St..  Not only does Sarcone’s have one of the best tomato pies in the city but Sarcone’s has the best Italian hoagies.  Yup, I said it; the best Italian hoagies in the city no question about it.  They don’t use slices of cheese; they use big fat chunks of cheese.  It’s absolutely ridiculous!  Sarcone’s is also where many sanwhich shops by their bread because it’s widely regarded to have the best rolls in the city.  Sarcone’s is located at 758 S 9th St in Philadelphia.      


a taste of italy joe bombartito 300x225 The Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly: Baker St vs. Corropolese  3.  A Taste of Italy

Not only does a Taste of Italy have excellent tomato pie but their hoagies and sandwiches also rival any spot in the Philadelphia area, even Sarcone’s.  The whole menu at A Taste of Italy is filled authentic gourmet Italian cuisine and the market is packed with gourmet Italian imported oils and pastas.  We recommend A Taste of Italy for their pizzas, sandwiches, platters, catering and just about everything.  You might want to pre-order the tomato pies with as much notice as possible.  A Taste of Italy is located at 901 Bethlehem Pike in Springhouse PA.     


4.  Corropolese Deli

With the biggest and best reputation for tomato pie in the Philadelphia area, the people must know what they’re talking about.  The Corropolese Deli serves up a sheet of tomato pie with 30 slices that can feed a whole party for $13.  It’s a great sweet pie!  Corropolese also has excellent pepperoni bread, spinach bread and roast beef.  Located at 2014 Old Arch Rd in Norristown, PA.  


5.  Marchiano’s Bakery LLC

Voted the best of Philly in 2006 and for good reason, the Marchiano’s Bakery makes an outstanding tomato pie.  Marchiano’s also makes great stuffed bread such as the pepper & egg bread, pepperoni bread and meatball bread.  Marchiano’s is located at 4653 Umbria Street in Manayunk Philadelphia. 




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4 comments to The Top 5 Tomato Pies in Philly: Baker St vs. Corropolese

  • Whatever happened to Trenton, NJ, they had the best Tomato Pies ever?


  • Xenia

    Baker Street only has one location but they have an excellent pie! You should try the pie before you judge G :)


  • Gilly

    Hands down, Corropolese is the BEST!!! locations in Limerick and Douglassville, Pa.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Corropolese is good, but it aint that good. Baker St crushes. No contest.


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