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The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more…

powers 12 year special reserve irish whiskey1111 The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...St. Patty’s Day Special: The Best Irish Whiskeys

By Matt Goldstein and Sommelier Tom Pittakas

In honor of this St. Patty’s Day, the Whiskey Goldmine has compiled our list of the best whiskeys from Ireland.  From sipping neat, on the rocks or in a shot, we give you a magnum opus of whiskey classics.  The following whiskeys are an absolute must try! 



powers 12 year special reserve irish whiskey1122 The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...1. Powers Special Reserve 12 Years Aged Irish Whiskey

Powers Special Reserve 12 years aged is crafted from the finest Irish Barley and water, triple distilled and matured in American Oak casks.  Powers 12 doesn’t need to any ice; this whiskey should be sipped neat.  Scoring 91 points from Malt Advocate Magazine, Powers 12 is a complex and flawless whiskey. The regular Powers Gold Label is the best selling whiskey in Ireland.  Yes, it crushes Jameson in sales actually.


2. Redbreast 12 Year Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Redbreast 12 Year is perhaps the smoothest Irish whiskey in the world.  With a scotch like complexity and slight sweetness, Redbreast has a perfect whiskey flavor with a flawless bite.  Redbreast 12 Year is the only aged pure pot still whiskey in the world and is matured in sherry and bourbon casks.  


Tullamore dew 12year bottle The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...3.  Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old Special Reserve

Founded in Tullamore, Offaly County in the heart of Ireland in 1822, this “legendary” Irish Whiskey is famous for it’s copper pot still blend.  Triple distilled and aged in American Oak and Spanish Olorosso Sherry Casks, Tullamore Dew 12 is a sweet and complex Irish Whiskey with notes of malt, nuts and oak.  “Give everyman his Dew!”    


4.  Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve

The Jameson 18 is a Blended Irish Whiskey is handpicked by the Master Distiller.  Aged in American Oak Bourbon Casks and Olorosso Sherry Casks, the Jameson 18 Year Old is a classic! 


tyrconnel single malt irish whiskey 300x189 The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...5.  Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Aged in Madeira casks and scoring a 98 by the beverage tastings institute, the Tyrconnell is a bit pricey but also critically acclaimed.  Tyrconnel 10 Year has pioneered the single malt revolution in Irish Whiskey.  It’s an absolute must try. 



6.  Knappogue 12 Years Aged Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Distilled in copper pots with malted barley and aged in oak casks, Knappogue 12 is made with pure Irish spring water which creates a very light, smooth and easy drinking style.  Well rounded with medium intensity and a clean finish, Knappogue is a uniquely light but complex whiskey that still retains character. 


bushmills single malt 16 year old irish whiskey The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...7.  Bushmills 16 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Bushmills 16 Year Old is triple cask matured in a combination of seasoned American Oak Bourbon Casks and Sherry Olorosso Casks, and finished for a few months in Port Wine Casks.  The triple cask maturation gives this whiskey one of the best finishes in the world. 


8.  Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Scoring a 93 by the Beverage Tasting Institute and a 90 by Wine Enthusiast, this little known but critically acclaimed single malt Irish whiskey is very well rounded and one of the most underrated Irish Whiskeys ever made.


Jameson 12 year old special reserve irish whiskey 1111 The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...9.  Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve  

The Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve Blended Irish Whiskey is a triple distilled, pot still and sherry cask blend.  The 12 year took the gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2007 & 2009.  The Jameson 12 is very smooth and dry with a great scent and taste of malts; with notes of oak, wood and spice.  The Jameson 12 is a full bodied Irish whiskey, with a slight sweet, rich and full finish.


1o.  Tullemore Dew Blended Irish Whiskey

Tullamore Dew is the 2nd best selling Irish Whiskey in the world and is also growing the fastest.  Tullamore Dew has won 22 gold medals in the last 10 years and is simply one of the best whiskey shots in the world.   


11.  Green Spot


Powers Whiskey The Top 10 Best Irish Whiskeys: Powers, Jameson, Redbreast, Tullamore Dew and more...12.  Powers Gold Label

Powers Gold Label is the best selling whiskey in Ireland.  Yes, it crushes Jameson in sales actually.



13.  Bushmills 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

14.  Michael Collins Single Malt Irish Whiskey






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Best White Wines Under $20: Alsace Hugel Riesling

alsace hugel reisling wine bottles 300x225 Best White Wines Under $20: Alsace Hugel RieslingA French Riesling at a Great Price

By Matt Goldstein

My father Howard has a wine importer that orders him cases of wine in all kinds of varieties and most of the wines are an excellent bargain.  Hand selected by a veteran of the wine industry, the Alsace Hugel Reisling from France is a subtle and balanced white wine, refreshing and complex.  For under $20 the Hugel Resiling is one of the best wines in its class.  For the $10 we paid, it was an absolute steal.  According to Hugel Vineyards, maturity reached record levels, the highest for 50 years and the Alsace Hugel Riesling is their most demanding variety.  It is this maturity and maturation that makes this Riesling such an excellent wine.  “Totally dry with high natural acids. This famous grape celebrated in all the Rhine valley combines great elegance, finesse and minerality.”  White wines are best with seafood and this wine went very well with our sushi platters.  Light, refreshing and complex, we definitely recommend this wine for under $20.


From Alsace Hugel Vineyard

The vintage :
The winter of 2010 was particularly harsh, with more than 30 days below zero, and temperatures dropped as far as -17°C. Budburst on 8 April was early, but flowering which began on 10 June took almost 3 weeks to finish due to cool temperatures. July was exceptionally hot and sunny, before cold, damp and rainy weather set in throughout August and into September. Ideal weather conditions returned on 11 September, with not a drop of rain for 6 weeks. Our harvest began on 27 September and ended on 26 October. Maturity reached record levels, the highest for 50 years, with good acidity, similar to 1996. Crop size was 30% below average, and even lower for Gewurztraminer.
Superb wines with magnificent balance, purity and fruit. 2010 is a great classic vintage, with good ageing potential.

Quick View :
It is the Pinot Noir of white wines! Riesling is our most demanding variety as it is also the latest ripening. Dry and elegant, it expresses its best on our steepest slopes with a most complex minerality.

In the vineyard :
Harvested exclusively by hand from clay and limestone vineyards in a dozen of the most favoured localities in and around Riquewihr.

Winemaking :
The grapes are taken in small tubs to the presses, which are filled by gravity, without any pumping or other mechanical intervention.
After pressing, the must is decanted for a few hours, then fermented in temperature-controlled barrels or vats (at 18 to 24°C). The wine is racked just once, before natural clarification during the course of the winter. The following spring, the wine is lightly filtered just before bottling, and the bottles are then aged in our cellars until released for sale.

Alcohol level : 12.85°

Residual Sugar (g/l) : 3.5

Acidity (g/l) : 7.67

pH : 3.29

Age of vines : 30

Yields : 55 hl/ha

Grapes :
Riesling : 100%





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The Manayunk Brewery: Craft Beer Searching for Identity

manayunk brewery The Manayunk Brewery: Craft Beer Searching for IdentityA Sushi Bar in a Brewery?

By Tim Rodgers

The Manayunk Berwery has been a staple of the Philadelphia Schuylkill River night life scene since 1996.  Formerly a converted textile mill known as Krook’s Mill, the historic Philadelphia landmark is now  bustling restaurant and brew pub.  The first thing I noticed immediately when I walked in was the sushi bar.  Curious I thought.  It seemed wildly out of place with the different sporting events shown on a number of flat screens behind the bar, the 80’s cover band that was about to take the stage, and the college aged crowd that had taken over at 10 o’ clock that Friday evening.

Nonetheless, it was all about the beer I reminded myself.  I thought it was appropriate to start off with the Dreamin’ Double IPA.  Inspired by the highly hopped beers from the west coast, the Dreamin double IPA is truly a hophead’s delight. Five varieties of American hops added throughout the boil create a wide range of flavors including pine and citrus, while generous dry-hopping in the fermentor provides the distinct aroma of fresh hops. The Manayunk Brew pubs guarantee that this is one of the freshest double IPA’s available.  8.5% ABV, 85 IBU’s.  I thought the hop varieties were out of place.  It seemed out of balance, too peppery, and over-spiced.


MANAYUNK LAGER (Oktoberfest) Marzen Style Lager

In strict accordance with the German purity law of 1516, they present this annually brewed festbier. Traditionally brewed in March and stored deep in the caves of Germany, this beer was brought to the masses to celebrate in October. It is a Vienna-style lager with a bit more malt and hops making a malty but balanced beverage. Copper-orange in color, it sports a toasty malt backbone that wonderfully compliments itself with many of our menu items.

6.2% ABV, 25 IBUs

I thought that the malt notes were way too heavy with coffee.  Had a metallic finish and missed the mark for me.  I was starting to get disappointed.  But as the 80’s music got louder and more obscure, the night started to get better.


KROOK’S MILL American Pale Ale

This is a well-balanced hoppy American style pale ale with a generous usage of fine 2 row pale and a touch of crystal malt. This beer is copper in color and is finished with “C” hops from the Pacific Northwest, which provide a wonderful floral aroma. This ale is a perennial favorite for the owners of the Manayunk Brewing Co.

5.3% ABV, 40 IBUs

This one is also a favorite of mine.  The balance was spot on.  Pale Ale is my favorite style of beer so I may be biased, but certainly hits the mark.  Homerun.



Brewed with high quality German ingredients, this dark lager is a great reminder that beer literally is liquid bread. The rich toasty flavor of Munich malt combines with a hint of roast from the dehusked carafa malt to create a wonderful aroma reminiscent of a freshly baked loaf of pumpernickel. 5.6% ABV, 20 IBUs.  The Dunkel went down a lot lighter than advertised here but yet still robust and flavorful.  The Manayunk Brew Pub hits the mark with the Dunkel.  Well done.


Overall, the Manayunk Brewery batted a .500 average which in today’s terms of restaurants and beers gets you in the hall of fame.  I did notice that they should probably clean their tap system too as well.  I think what’s indicative of many Brew Pubs these days is this notion that they try TOO hard to get novice beer drinkers on board by “OVER-DOING” each style of beer.  Whether it’s too hoppy for the IPA, or too robust in some of the malty styles, they “OVER-SELL” the style rather than just making GOOD BEER.  I mean dude, lose the Sushi Bar, the 80’s music, and make good beer.





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Introducing Rose Courvoisier: A Red Wine & Cognac Liqueur

courvoisier rose red wine cognac 1 124x300 Introducing Rose Courvoisier: A Red Wine & Cognac LiqueurBy Matt Goldstein

After releasing Courvoisier 12 years aged and Courvoisier 21 years aged, Courvoisier now releases the Rose, a blend of signature Cognac and French red wine grapes.  At a very low alcohol percentage, 18.0%, the Courvoisier is designed to be a sweet, easy drinking liqueur.  Sipping more like a sweet wine than a strong Cognac, the Rose Courvoisier is designed to be market to the African American community as Rose wine has taken off in that demographic.  In fact, African Americans single handedly saved the Cognac industry when it became the trend to drink Cognac.  Not a bad move because we love us some Courvoisier.  Review coming soon.  A 750ml bottle of Courvoisier Rose has a suggested retail price of $24.99.

From Courvoisier

  • Courvoisier Rosé-a first-of-its-kind cognac innovation. An elegant blend of Courvoisier Cognac and premium French red wine grapes, its refreshing and smooth taste makes it perfect for any occasion.
  • The fusion of ripe summer fruits, like blackberry and peach, combine perfectly with the aromatic complexity of Courvoisier, creating a smooth and sensual flavour explosion.

Colour: Deep maroon

Blend: Courvoisier cognac with a touch of superior French red wine grapes

Aroma: Blackberry, blackcurrant and a touch of cherry, along with notes of vanilla, honey and vine-peach flavours

Taste: Round, smooth, and crisp in the mouth with a delicious aftertaste

  • Neat: For ultimate refreshment, Courvoisier Rosé is best served chilled or sipped over ice in the summer.

Cocktails: The intense fruit flavours and renowned smoothness of Courvoisier Rosé makes it the perfect accompaniment with Champagne or orange juice.




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The Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

wild turkey bourbon logo The Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey100% All Natural Whiskey

By Matt Goldstein

The Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is made with an all natural process, taking much more time than normal whiskeys.  Coming out of the barrel at 109 proof, there is little water added to bring this whiskey to the 101 bottle proof.  A gold medalist at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Wild Turkey 101 is made with water, grain and yeast and always aged in newly charred American White Oak barrels with the heaviest and deep layer char.

Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Tasting Note:

The Wild Turkey 101 is smooth, grainy, very tasty and well balanced.  Crisp, with a good dry aftertaste and good warmth, we love this bourbon.  Cheers to Southwest for having this bourbon on the flight to Vegas.




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The 1800 Reposado Tequila: Considered the First Premium Tequila

1800 reposado tequila The 1800 Reposado Tequila: Considered the First Premium TequilaBy Matt Goldstein

Made with 100% Blue Agave, the 1800 Tequila is named after the year in which tequila was aged in wood for the very first time, 1800.  When released in 1975, 1800 Reposado became the first premium tequila.  Reposado tequila’s are medium aged tequila’s, usually in American Oak barrels for 2-4 months which gives it a light brown color and sweet flavor.  Silver tequila’s are usually age about a month while the more premium Anejo Tequila’s are aged between 1-2 years.  While Silver’s seem to be the most popular tequila’s these days from the Patron trend, the Reposado’s and Anejo’s are what makes a unique, complex and full of flavor perfect for sipping neat.  The 1800 Reposado Tequila, while solid, is just that.  It’s not too bad but it’s not great either.  While we wouldn’t turn it down if offered, there are probably better Reposado’s for the price.

The 1800 Reposado Tequila Tasting Notes:

The 1800 has a sweet scent with a sweet syrupy flavor.  It’s smooth but lacks bite and complexity.  There is a good burn with an oak flavor and sweet, slightly dry finish.




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The Whiskey Goldmine One Year In: Random Thoughts from Our First Anniversary

Logo WG 1500 white 300x293 The Whiskey Goldmine One Year In: Random Thoughts from Our First AnniversaryThe Whiskey Goldmine: Like Catching Lighting in a Haystack

By Matt Goldstein

From whiskey to vodka, cuisine and history, Boardwalk Empire, top 10 lists and pop culture, the Whiskey Goldmine has covered a lot of subjects over the past year.  Craft beer, wine and bubbly, serial killers, dictators, cigars, movies and music, we have created a web site with no boundaries, no rules.  The only thing that we really try to do is bring our readers new information that they won’t find anywhere else.  We want to bring our readers original content, make them think, laugh and enjoy a drink with friends.  After all, what’s better than enjoying a drink with friends?


The Whiskey Goldmine Logo

As you can see, our logo is a glass of whiskey with ice in it.  Awesome right?  Well, does the Pope shit in the woods?

The funny thing is that we never put our whiskey on ice.  Never!  Always drink whiskey neat.  First, the ice waters down the whiskey which ruins the flavor.  A middle shelf single malt is aged for 12 years in order to get a specific flavor, why change or ruin that perfectly painstakingly unique flavor?  A drop or two of water to open up the single malt is all that’s needed.  Second, cold temperature also masks the true flavor of a whiskey, be it bourbon, rye, Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, whatever.  Just get rid of the ice and man up.


bushmills 21 yo single malt 111111 300x300 The Whiskey Goldmine One Year In: Random Thoughts from Our First AnniversarySmooth is Not Always Better

After trying every whiskey, vodka, tequila, cognac and spirit we could get our hands on, it’s blatantly obvious that smooth is not always better.  In fact, the smoother the whiskey or vodka, the less good it is.  Many flavors of the spirit are in the finish and the bite, especially with vodka.  Since vodka is so thin, most of the flavor is in the finish.  The smoother the vodka, the less character there is.


Our Top 10 Lists are Scientific Fact!

Listen, don’t try to argue with our top 10 lists.  They’re amazing, correct and scientific.  Shut your mouth.


Founders Imperial Stout 300x218 The Whiskey Goldmine One Year In: Random Thoughts from Our First AnniversaryThe Original Mission of Whiskey Goldmine

The idea behind the website was to promote American spirits, wines and craft beers.  When the economy tanked, I started to feel guilty that I had never bought an American car so I thought, what better way to promote America than our craft beer, wines, whiskeys and vodka’s.  The more and more we began to actually create the web site the more I thought that American products would be too narrow of a subject matter.  So I did what any logical person would do, I just bought a Cadillac.  Problem solved.  Now we can discuss German Beers, Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, Russian Vodkas and Sake.


egg pizza 207x300 The Whiskey Goldmine One Year In: Random Thoughts from Our First AnniversaryNot an Expert…

When I was recently speaking to a friend/family member in some random setting that involved a lot of alcohol, I stated that “I had no idea what I was doing.”  This random unnamed person told me to always act like I know what I’m doing, no matter what.  This was bad advice.  Sometimes the beauty in the truth is the evident flaws in our selves.  Although I am a badass at making drinks, I don’t always know what I’m doing.  I’m not actually an expert in whiskey.  Even though I started a web site called Whiskey Goldmine, it’s not even actually about whiskey.  I’m not an expert in any of these subjects, but I’m going to bring the experts to you.  From chefs to sommeliers, brewers, historians, master distillers and grill masters, the Whiskey Goldmine does its best to bring you information that will create connoisseurs one click at a time.


Craft Beer Makes You Fat!

Sorry beer geeks, but the truth is the truth, craft beer makes you fat.  I love all crafts from IPA’s to barleywines, dopplebock’s, porters and stoudts, but since starting this web site I blew up like a fattie from tasting all of the craft beer I could get my hands on.  Recently, I’ve found myself sucking down Miller Lite’s, Amstell Lights and Yuengling Lights.  Sacrilege I know, but it’s not your beer gut you need to worry about.  Plus, I’m not giving up potato chips.


carlos the jackal movie ilich ramirez sanchez terrorist 212x300 The Whiskey Goldmine One Year In: Random Thoughts from Our First AnniversaryOur Most Popular Articles

One would be surprised at our most popular articles because their certainly not about whiskey.  Well, one Jack Daniels article is very popular but that’s more because of the pictures than anything.  Our most popular articles are about Boardwalk Empire and prohibition history, gangster timelines, crazy drinking stories about Henry the 8th, Napoleon, Stalin, serial killers and Huey P. Newton.  Why you ask?  Well, more people Google historical figures than vodkas.  Trust us!  There is no doubt about it.  We’re going to bring our viewers more historical articles but it takes time to create.  Tasting notes on beer and whiskey is easy work.  “This tastes is good, this is bad,” blah blah blah.  Nothing original or impessive there eh?  Actually, both the drinking studies and the historical studies took me all my life to get here and I still have no idea what I’m doing.


Part 2 of Random Thoughts coming soon, for now I’d like to think my team.

Special thanks to all of those who helped start and contribute to Whiskey Goldmine.  Webmasters Doug Walters and Carolynn Chapman, Senior Editor Tim Rodgers, Senior Foodie Pat Smith, Sommelier Tom Pittakas, Craft Beer specialist Jeremy Thomson, Chef Joe Bombartito, Grill Master Larry Kay, Cigar Afficianado Haroon Mhitar, Kevin Hussey, Eric Duncan, Paul Reiter and my dad, Howard Goldstein.  And a special thanks to all of the distilleries who sent me bottles of liquor.  Keep it coming…  We’re just getting started so here’s to another year.




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Featured Wine of the Week: Umberto Cesari Sangiovese DOC Riserva

umberto cesari Sangiovese DOC Riserva 1  Featured Wine of the Week: Umberto Cesari Sangiovese DOC RiservaBy Matt Goldstein

Our featured wine this week is a red Sangiovese from the Tuscany region of Italy, one of our favorite styles.  The Cesari Sangiovese DOC di Romagna Riserva is made with 100% of the Sangiovese grape and aged for 24 months in Slavonian and Italian oak barrels.  This Sangiovese is ready to drink right out off of the shelf but has a 5-7 year aging potential.  Winning a silver medal in Germany in 2007, the Cesari DOC Reserva is available for about $15-17.  Tasting Notes:  The Cesari DOC Riserva is a full bodied red, slightly dry and slightly tart.  A thick and dark red, a bit tannic, this Sangiovese will pair well with meats and aged cheeses.  This is a solid red wine and less expensive than most other Sangiovese reds. 







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The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

knob creek single barrel reserve bourbon 213x300 The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyThe First Ever Single Barrel by Knob Creek

By Matt Goldstein

Owned by Jim Beam and distilled and bottled by the Knob Creek Distillery, The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is hand selected barrel by barrel and the first ever single barrel bourbon by Knob Creek.  This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is naturally aged in new, charred American Oak barrels.  Bottled at barrel proof (120) in order to maintain the natural essence of the barrel, the Knob Creek is an immediate classic.  “Unlike other bourbons, which are blended together from multiple barrels to create a uniform taste, each barrel of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, once hand-selected, is cut with water and bottled individually in order to preserve its integrity and unique flavor profile. This process allows for variations in taste, color and aroma in each batch of bourbon.”  We love this bourbon!  The Knob Creek Reserve is a flat out masterpiece. 


knob creek single barrel reserve 300x287 The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyKnob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Tasting Notes:

The Single Barrel Reserve has a light but sweet and smoky scent.  With flavors of grains, malts, and an overall sweet flavor with notes of oak and wood, vanilla, chocolate and caramel, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is exceptionally smooth for 120 bourbon whiskey.  With a slight bite and good warmth, the Single Barrel Reserve gets better with every sip.  We love the malts and grains here.  It’s a beautiful and classic bourbon flavor.   


More from Jim Beam & Knob Creek: 

Knob Creek® Single Barrel Reserve is carefully hand selected, barrel-by-barrel, to bring you a robust, mature flavor. It’s full bodied with a smoky aroma and while filled with near barrel strength heat, it is extraordinarily smooth and nuanced. It has even more of the rich wood and vanilla notes that make Knob Creek the standout bourbon that it is.

knob creek single barrel reserve logo print The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyKnob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is long, full and easy to sip whether you choose to enjoy it neat, on the rocks or cut with distilled water.

Knob Creek Introduces its First Ever Single Barrel:

Nearly two decades after Booker Noe, grandson of Jim Beam and sixth-generation distiller, first introduced Knob Creek®, the distillery unveils its first-ever single barrel bourbon, Knob Creek® Single Barrel Reserve. In keeping with Knob Creek’s philosophy that handcrafting superior quality bourbon is worth the effort, the new Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is naturally aged for a full 9 years and bottled at 120 proof (60% alcohol by volume).

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is carefully hand-selected, barrel-by-barrel, to be a unique expression of Knob Creek’s rich, mature flavor. Naturally aged in new, charred American Oak barrels, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is bottled at near barrel proof to maintain its strong, rich flavors and aromas.

Knobb creek single barrel reserve jim beam promotion The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey“We pay close attention to the barrels we select for Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve as we want to ensure that we’re bottling an extraordinary bourbon with a complex balance of aroma and taste,” said Fred Noe, seventh-generation Beam family distiller and son of Booker Noe. “I recommend enjoying this new bourbon neat, on the rocks or cut with a bit of water in order to best appreciate its depth and fullness of flavor.”

Incredibly smooth and nuanced, this new bourbon features even more of the rich wood and signature vanilla, caramel and smoky notes that bourbon lovers have come to expect from Knob Creek, the world’s number one selling Super-Premium bourbon.

“Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is the latest innovation in our bourbon portfolio,” said Rob Mason, U.S. director of Bourbons at Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. “We are especially thrilled to introduce our first single barrel bourbon offering, and to further strengthen our already-established credibility in the Super-Premium category.”

Initial reaction from bourbon experts to the new expression has been extremely positive. John Hansell, Publisher and Editor of Malt Advocate, wrote: “This is a stylish, big, broad-shouldered bourbon with a thick, sweet foundation…peppered with spice…and dried fruit.”

Kevin Gray, editor at notes: “Knob Creek drinkers, and bourbon fans in general, would do well to secure a bottle.”

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is available in limited quantities and retails for a suggested price of $39.99 for a 750ml bottle.




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The Whistling Andy Handcrafted Gin

whistling andy gin 176x300 The Whistling Andy Handcrafted GinHandcrafted in a Montana Micro Distillery

By Matt Goldstein

The Whistling Andy handcrafted gin is made in a micro distillery in Montana.  This gin is a unique take on the micro distillery style and definitely offers something different for gin lovers.  This is a sweet, full bodied gin with a thick mouth feel.  With scents of vanilla, pine and sweet citrus, very smooth and drinkable with a slight bite, this is a thick sweet syrupy gin.  This is a solid but unique gin style.  For gin lovers looking for something different than the average piney kick, Whistling Andy could be for you.  We sampled the gin with an in and out style martini and two olives.  That’s how we do.  The Whistling Andy micro distillery is working on a variety of Gin styles, with a peppercorn pear flavored gin being released this summer.  Read below for more about Whistling Andy.   



The Whistling AndyDistillery

What is Whistling Andy?

Whistling Andy is a Veteran and locally owned micro-distillery utilizing American made equipment and Montana grown grains, fruits, and botanicals. We love freedom, hard work, family, and the simple pleasure of making and enjoying fine hand-crafted spirits. It distills down to gratitude.

Where is your still and equipment from?

We ordered our still from Vendome Cooper and Brass works in Louisville Kentucky. It was hand made over the summer for us. The Vendome Cooper and Brass Works is a family owned business that has been making stills continuously since the 1900’s, during the Prohibition they switched to fabricating other products, after the prohibition the company continued to grow through World War II as the demand for alcohol and thus stills increased in America. The Mash Tank was formely used by the Eskimo Pie factory in the 1940’s. Our fermentor came from St Pat’s out of Texas.

The Tasting Room

The tasting room is open from 12-8 everyday. Montana state law requires the tasting room to close at 8:00 p.m. The tasting room has a retail section as well as local coffee and lattes as well as a variety of hand crafted non alcoholic beverages. The tasting room sells bottles as well as having a variety of different spirits for sale and sampling that have not been released. The bar and wood work in the building are all reclaimed wood from Montana. Between the still and the bar, it is a work of art.

What kind of distillery are you?

The distillery is what is known in the industry as “grain to glass”. All of our grains are from the Flathead Valley. We use the grain to make our Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon and Moonshine. Our molasses and cane sugar for the rum comes out of the South. Some micro distillers use neutral grain spirits, meaning they buy the spirits and then add flavors and redistill. We are buying and milling our grains in the Flathead Valley and the excess grain will go back to the farmers as slurry for livestock.

What is the focus of Whistling Andy?

Our focus is building a business utilizing local products we can bring to the world via our hand crafted spirits. This summer we will be buying cherries. We are hoping this is a good opportunity for the growers on the East Lake Shore of Flathead Lake to be able to sell all their products.

What’s makes a micro-distillery different?

Difference between micro distilleries and large batch distillers is that the micro’s produce in small batches, thus controlling the heads and tails, which lead to a cleaner end product. A pot still collects and condenses the alcohol vapors off the hot mash.

What kind of spirits will you have?

Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey and Moonshine with Specialty Spirits flavors such as Pink Peppercorn-Pear Gin, Manhattan Moonshine, and Hibiscus-Coconut Rum to follow shortly.

Who is Whistling Andy?

Whistling Andy was Roger Anderson’s (Brian’s Dad and Linda’s Husband) nickname in the Air Force.

What is Moonshine?

Whistling Andy does prohibition era style moonshine. Back in the day is was a term used to describe illegally made liquor. Currently it is a term used to describe un-aged whisky. We’ll be releasing a cherry moonshine in the late summer.




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