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Bushmills 21 Year, Powers 12 and Talisker 10: A Review


bushmills 21 yo single malt 111111 300x300 Bushmills 21 Year, Powers 12 and Talisker 10: A Review

“Talisker 10 is a top 3 Single Malt Scotch.”

By Eric Duncan & Matt Goldstein

 Attending a wedding between our dear friends and family a few weeks ago, the Bushmills 21 was a gift for the groomsmen.  The father of the groom, a native Irishman, and now NYC bartender, bought the very rare bottle of Bushmills 21 years aged so we could all have a taste in the suite prior to the ceremony.  The bottle was opened at 1 pm but I was a bit to hung over from the now legendary rehearsal dinner.  I needed a few more waters and a nap first or I wasn’t going to make the wedding.       

Eric Duncan:  The Bushmills 21 was smooth for an Irish whiskey, but a little too sweet.  I can’t cheat on my Tullamore Dew, but I was the only one with key to the suite so had to take everyone from wedding party up there who wanted a shot.  So 7 shots later, Kevin got married!! 

Powers 12Yr Bottle 99x300 Bushmills 21 Year, Powers 12 and Talisker 10: A ReviewMatt Goldstein:  Bushmills 21 – After a 30 minute nap and 4 bottles of water I was ready to go.  The Bushmills 21 was actually very smooth.  For some reason I am used to the more aged whiskeys and scotches to have a bit more bite.  This was excellent.  It did have a little sweetness but also a great whiskey flavor.  Smooth, sweet and flavorful…  Bushmills 21 year is aged in American Bourbon casks and Spanish Sherry casks for the first 19 years and then in Madeira Casks for the final 2 years.  

Eric Duncan:  Powers 12 – It wasn’t bad, but it’s more of a shot drinking whiskey than a sipping whiskey.  Also, I may just not like flavor of aged Irish whiskey.  I had a $150 bottle of aged Jamison and would have been fine with the regular version.  I don’t think an aged whiskey changes the flavor as much as an aged scotch.  The whiskeys do actually get a little sweeter.

Matt Goldstein:  Powers 12 – The John Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey is without a doubt my favorite shot drinking whiskey in the world.  Yes, I love Jack, Jameson and Tullamore but the Powers isn’t the most popular whiskey in Ireland for nothing.  I drink powers in a shot, straight and on the rocks.  The Powers 12 is actually a smooth whiskey.  It doesn’t have as much flavor as the regular Powers Gold Label but it’s certainly smooth enough for a straight sipping whiskey.  Powers Special Reserve 12 years aged is crafted from the finest Irish Barley and water, triple distilled and matured in American Oak casks.        

Eric Duncan:  Talisker 10 – We actually were drinking Oban at the bar for the rehearsal dinner, but I love some Talisker, especially at a bachelor party.  It has a slight peaty flavor but it’s not overdone.  It also has some nice undertones including pepper.  This is one of my top 3 single malts along with Lagavulin and Oban, but for the price $50 you can’t go wrong when it feels sooo right.

Talisker 10 Yr v2 Bushmills 21 Year, Powers 12 and Talisker 10: A ReviewMatt Goldstein:  Talisker 10 –  I completely agree with Eric here when he says this is his top 3 single malt scotches.  For me, this is #2 behind the Bowmor Islay single malt which is smoky but not too smoky.   Bowmor is a little less smoky than Jonnie Walker black I would say.  The Talisker 10 is the same.  It’s got a lot of flavor but the smokiness is subtle; the scotch makes the statement.  The Talisker 10 is an Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky produced on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  Talisker has an above average Peat content and is actually used in part of Jonnie Walker’s blended Scotch whisky. 

 Talisker 10 year is a must buy!









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8 comments to Bushmills 21 Year, Powers 12 and Talisker 10: A Review

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  • rwbenjey

    I picked up a bottle of Bushmills 21 to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year and it completely changed my perception of Irish whiskey. Jameson was ‘meh’ and Redbreast 12 was a good step in the right direction. However, with this stuff, I think I may have arrived. A wonderful single malt!


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    The Bushmills 21 is excellent! I had the Bushmills 10 last night and it was solid. I prefer Jameson 12, Powers 12 and Redbreast though.


  • Hi there to and before i began Merry Xmas to all. This for me has been a great review of Whiskeys right down to Flavours. I have Visited the Talisker tourist center twice and both times i have come away with the bottle of ten year old with the smokey taste its a really nice Whiskey and for me my favourite. If i could only find a place in Cork here in Ireland that has it in stock i would glady stock in . If any one knows the answer please tell me. Thank you again for a great review from Pat Thompson.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    I love the Talisker 10! Excellent single malt and one of the best!

    I’m not sure where you can buy it in Ireland but it has to be somewhere. Try to find it online, there has to be somewhere that will ship it to you.

    If you can’t find the Talisker 10, Try the Macallan 10. It’s very comparable and slightly less smoky.


  • Matt goldstein

    What? No love for the Bocce club? Powers Irish Whiskey! Nuff said.


    Tizzle Reply:

    Powers Irish Whiskey reminds me of a Family Guy episode regarding a
    Samuel Adams commerical. Nuff Said!


  • Tizzle

    I like my Jamison. If u want authentic Irish, go to Pearl River NY into one of many Irish pubs and ask For the stuff that the locals drink. I lived there for 2 years and Irish whiskey was my chaser of. Choice, needless to say I still am not blind!


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