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About Us

Logo WG 400 white 300x294 About UsBy Matt Goldstein

Whiskey Goldmine is dedicated to the art and culture of eating and drinking.  We review and rate beer, wine, liquors, bars, restaurants; and create original food and drink recipes from our gourmet staff.  Our team of writers consists of sommeliers, award winning gourmet chefs, bartenders, bar managers, and experienced connoisseurs in many of our themes.  Whiskey Goldmine specializes in double blind taste tests where we put any range of price and class of beers, wines or liquors in the mix.  We also put together many top ten lists, event and festival schedules, beer tournaments and reviews of TV shows like Boardwalk Empire, Brewmasters, Three Sheets and many others.    

From cigars and cognac to single malt scotch whisky or the best pizza place in your area, the Whiskey Goldmine is dedicated to finding the best food and drink for our readers.  We are also devoted to finding great wines, vodkas, whiskeys, beers and foods at a great price.  From $14 bottles of vodka that taste just as good as any premium vodkas, or craft beers for about $25 a case and $2 cigars with a flawless draw, premium doesn’t always have to be pricey. 

Many people ask, “Why is a whiskey web site writing about beer and wine?”  Well, the simple answer is that this is not a whiskey web site.  Whiskey Goldmine is a whiskey, wine, beer, vodka, cognac, restaurant, recipe, tequila, gin, sake, rum, pub, bar, club, tavern, history, culture, and fun web site.  We love all alcoholic drinks and all styles of food and we want to bring you the best information possible in all of our subject matter.  Through research and extensive imbibing, whiskey goldmine is here for our fans. 

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Editors Note:  Whiskey Goldmine encourages our readers to drink moderately.  Know when to say when and don’t drink and drive!




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