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Drinking Drunken Presidents: FDR, LBJ & Richard Nixon

fdr drinking a martini cocktail 300x225 Drinking Drunken Presidents: FDR, LBJ & Richard NixonGreat Partying Presidents

By Matt Goldstein

With a great tradition of drinking in the United States, our fair share of presidents also have a rich history of the party and cocktail lifestyle.  With George Washington running a very successful whiskey distillery on his plantation, Jefferson brewing his own beer, Jon Adams being a  flat our alcoholic and Ulysses S. Grant leading the troops into battle while being completely lit, our founding fathers knew how to throw down.  Some of our more modern presidents like Barak Obama loves charming political rivals with a few beers hoping that will ease tensions and get some bills passed through the senate.


The man who ended prohibition, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known to mix cocktails in the oval office every single night.  Every single night!  We at Whiskey Goldmine don’t even drink every night, that’s just insane.  Even during the war, FDR mixed his own drinks right at his desk making martinis and old fashions, talking and mixing drinks for others around him.  When Truman actually got the news of FDR’s passing, Harry was said to have been sipping a Bourbon when he got a the phone call; a fine tribute to his predecessor.


The man who is credited for passing the civil rights bill but also demonized for starting the Vietnam War, Lyndon B Johnson, was also a hell of a drinker.  The main cocktail Johnson mixed was a scotch and soda, specifically Cutty Shark.  Johnson used to drive around his ranch with the secret service mixing him drinks in the car behind him.  The routine was done so often that Johnson didn’t even have to stop the car to hand off his empty glass and then receive a new cocktail.  That’s some professional shit right there.

Richard Nixon drinking martinis Leonid Brezhnev 300x215 Drinking Drunken Presidents: FDR, LBJ & Richard NixonRichard Nixon:

The man who went down in flames over the infamous Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon was a flat out drunk.  The Nixon administration  invented cocktail parties for the press but for Nixon this wasn’t a good idea as he didn’t talk to anyone and just got hammered.  His only conversation was asking people if they wanted another drink while he was sitting at the bar.  Hey, that aint the worst thing to say to a journalist, shit, I encourage people to ask me that very question.  It’s been documented that at times Nixon couldn’t take phone calls from some foreign world leaders because he was completely intoxicated.  Well, Nixon’s drunkenness didn’t lead to any wars right?  I guess we can hope so.




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7 comments to Drinking Drunken Presidents: FDR, LBJ & Richard Nixon

  • Tieoneon

    It’s cutty sark not shark,lok


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  • FDR drinking martini cocktail


  • Gourmonster

    Supposedly Nixon was so frequently hammered at night, particularly once Watergate started to blow up, that he was seen walking the halls of the White House having “conversations” with the portraits of former Presidents that hung on the walls.


    WGM Reply:

    That’s awesome. I am beginning to like this Nixon guy.


    Doug Reply:

    “I am not a drunk!”


    Dillon O'Hara Reply:

    I am not a drunk

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