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Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur from Grand Marnier: A Review

navan 194x300 Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur from Grand Marnier: A Review Made with 100% Natural Vanilla

By Matt Goldstein

An exceptional and subtle liqueur, Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur is produced in France by Grand Marnier. Using the same Cognacs as in Gran Marnier, Navan is made with 100% natural vanilla beans, hand picked from the Vanilla Coast of Madagascar. Navan actually stands for natural vanilla. Navan has a light vanilla scent. It has a sweet, vanilla ice cream flavor with a thick aftertaste. Slightly medicinal with a light burn, Navan is a brilliant drink. Navan can be served straight in a Cognac glass or on ice. However, our favorite way to drink Navan is to take ½ part Navan and mix it with 1 part Cognac and serve straight.

From the Navan website: Natural Vanilla comes from the vanilla orchid, one of 35,000 orchid varieties that grow in certain areas of the globe primarily among the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar, the leading producer of natural vanilla. Orchids do not make the vanilla bean naturally; the human touch (or a bird) has to pollinate the flower, starting the 21 month -2 year process of this rare and unique spice. Each orchid blossoms only one day a year, for several hours.

Once the yellow-white flowers begin to bloom, they slowly mature into slender beans or pods. The fruits, which resemble big green beans must remain on the vine for nine months in order to completely develop their signature aroma. However, when the beans are harvested, they have neither flavor nor fragrance. They develop these distinctive properties during the long curing process.

The result of this meticulous journey from the orchid to the cured bean is Natural Vanilla, the 2nd most expensive and rare spice in the world.




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13 comments to Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur from Grand Marnier: A Review

  • Unfortunately, Navan is no longer available in the U.S. except through private auction. But, we have a great substitute for Navan. It’s called Artez Arvani and is an Armagnac in which full Madagascar vanilla beans have steeped. It’s a little less sweetened than Navan however, which is actually good for the cocktails. Check us out,, or Tel. 508 947 9973, Naomi





    Claude Quenneville Reply:

    Still looking for Navan. And as i’ve read here, it’ not available…..
    But our very good friends were in California looking for Navan, and they came across a store called boozemart, they got me a bottle of Meukow Vanilla Cognac, and OMG it’s awesome we all tried it and were blown away on it’s delicate smooth taste, so now the hunt is on for Meukow in Ontario, Canada.. or any other place.


  • Phil

    I’ve looked up here in Canada , in both Ontario and Quebec and it’s been sold out !! It’s still showing in the books as available , just all sold out and it only ever comes out during the Christmas time frame , just like Hess toys for kids !!


  • Glen Pic

    This is still available at a few stores in New Orleans. I bought a bottle from Rouse’s Supermarket yesterday. It is very smooth and delicious. For Cherry Marnier. There was a place calle Elio’s. But I have not seen this down here for years. But Navan is still able to be found though. It was like $35 for the bottle.


  • Kenneth M. Martinez

    Is this available on any wine stores in the country and abroad?


  • Julian

    I actually drink that one and all I can say is that it’s delicious and not so strong.


  • Katherine

    How should I start to franchise this business? or Where should I start to inquire about this product? Thanks


  • Debbie Curtis

    At first without reading the post I thought this was some kinda perfume, it really looks like a perfume because of the bottle. But anyways, as what others like to know, is this still out in the market? and if not, where can we find one?


    WGM Reply:

    Hi Debbie! I’m almost positive this stuff was pulled from the market, at least in the U.S.. Although, it was really good and thankfully I have a few shots left. Maybe you could try to re-create it with Gran Marnier, Vanilla Stoli and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. You might get pretty close.


  • Ondine

    Has NaVan been discontinued? That’s the info I’m getting in the Boston area when calling liquor stores to find it.


    C Reply:

    I agree… In phx they are saying the same thing!


  • Linda Walker

    Where can I purchase Cherry Marnier in Los Angeles, California


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